TS-bPASS, get residential, commercial building & layout permission online in Telangana



  • There will be District Level bPASS committee headed by District Collector to examine the proposals and conduct post verification of the proposal and to take up enforcement action on Unauthorized development/violations.
  • For plot sizes up to 75 square yards, no permission is required and the applicant is required to register online.
  • Instant building approval for plot area up to 500 sq.mts and height up to 10mts based on self-certification by the applicant.
  • Single window approval for all buildings having height above 10 mtr and all non-residential building permissions will be sanctioned in 21 days.
  • No mortgage for plots up to 200 sq.mtr and height up to 7 mtr.
  • Post verification of the Building permissions by District Level Committee.
  • Applicant will be liable for punishment for misrepresentation of facts.
  • Violation shall be removed without issuing any notice.
  • Occupancy Certificate will be issued online based on Self-Certification.