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Together with my real estate teams, I have been admiring the business for the past 15 years, providing many customers with excellent, lucrative properties. In particular, we place more emphasis on educating customers on those properties than on selling the properties.

We do ground level research on every property we deal with in advance, i.e. 1. Legal Opinion, 2. Government Approval, 3. Area Analysis, 4. Venture Development, 5. Rate, 6. Its Appreciation, 7. Conditions around the property and many more, we will take the property to the customer only after we are 100% satisfied with everything.

Once the customer has purchased the property from us, the services we offer are:

1. To provide frequent information on how much development has taken place in the area where the property is located.

2. Provide information on how much the property price has increased.

3. Providing assistance in the matter of resale when customers need it.

4. Providing information on how the market is from time to time.

 5. Assigning special teams to provide services to customers.

We will continue to serve their purpose by providing many more services to their satisfaction.

Our team and I have launched a YouTube channel called ” “ to provide quality real estate videos for customers, agents and developers. You are also supportive, our effort has paid off and given us so much joy.

We will also add new agents to our team, train them adequately and help them grow as one of us.

Our company is the channel partner for some reputed real estate companies as well.

If you find our experience useful, feel free to contact us for your real estate needs.

I am with My team happily.

Managing Director,
Shajwal (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

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