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I have been doing real estate business along with my great team for 15+ years, and come across thousands of people such as customers, agents, developers, doubters and more.
We are more than happy to share our knowledge and experiences through the courses.


My Business

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Together with my real estate teams, I have been admiring the business for the past 15 years, providing many customers with excellent, lucrative properties. In particular, we place more emphasis on educating customers on those properties than on selling the properties.

We do ground level research on every property we deal with in advance, i.e. 1. Legal Opinion, 2. Government Approval, 3. Area Analysis, 4. Venture Development, 5. Rate, 6. Its Appreciation, 7. Conditions around the property and many more, we will take the property to the customer only after we are 100% satisfied with everything.

We will continue to serve their purpose by providing many more services to their satisfaction.

Our team and I have launched a YouTube channel called YouTube.com/shajwal to provide quality real estate videos for customers, agents and developers. You are also supportive, our effort has paid off and given us so much joy.

We will also add new agents to our team, train them adequately and help them grow as one of us.

Our company is the channel partner for some reputed real estate companies as well.

If you find our experience useful, feel free to contact us for your real estate needs.

I am with My team happily.

Founder & Managing Director,
Shajwal (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

find your dream property

My Big Vision

So I am creating a community of serious people who will work alongside me where I will be guiding them step by step on how they can grow their business exponentially.

Now, I am on mission to help 10,00,000 people in real estate by putting all my 15+ years experience in this course and share with you.

If you’re real estate business owner, agent, customer turned to work in this field or who has just started to get second income, then I welcome you to follow this page of mine.

I will help you master these skills, and will get you onboard to be a part of a more significant community where similar thought oriented people would exchange, and guide with ideas. 

And I’m glad that you are here. 

I would love to help you achieve your goals on this journey. 

I have a high ambition to impact the world through entrepreneurship. 

If you can resonate with my vision, then let’s meet inside my Training classes. 

I’m glad that you got to learn more about me through this page.

You are awesome. To your success.

Learning never stops

I am a continuous learner, and I spend close to 3 hours every day to update and upgrade myself with the right knowledge sources available.

I am a voracious reader, and my interest is in self-help books.

I have spent over 15+ years in learning and mastering my marketing skills by dealing and meeting lot of great people as my customers. 

I realised these skills are just like learning alphabets in kindergarten for the teenagers, youngsters and anyone living in present and future.

My Mission as A Human Being

It was during the time of a Pandemic Covid19 which hit India in march 2020, as part of my responsibility, I contributed towards CM relief fund, Telangana State. I would love to enhance this contribution in many areas farther.

Contribution towards orphanages.

Contribution towards People in floods effected areas.

many more. my mission as a human being is my primarily responsibility I feel, and love to expand more and more, that how much I can do.

This Mission of humanity never stops 🛑 until my breath stops ✋ 


Discovery of a Teacher in Me

As I mentioned earlier, My passion is in the Entrepreneurship of real estate business.

It was during the time of a Pandemic Covid19 which hit India in march 2020, which made me think and let me take the dream step of mine as an Entrepreneur into the real estate business world.

I genuinely loved teaching people about how they can set goals in life, how they could make their job/business more productive by making improvements.
There was a passionate writer and a teacher within me, and I decided to let that part of me unfold itself and follow its path. Then I discovered the teacher in me and named it real estate trainer. 

Now I help 1000’s of real estate agents from different areas on how to scale their business through my real estate classes and my services.

I knew my expertise was in scaling the business through my YouTube channel https://YouTube.com/shajwal

Finally, the dream & vision of me being a “real estate trainer” to help all the people in real estate.

Now I have built a community Exclusively for real estate people called Shajwal Group.