Open Space Recreational: Uses Permitted and Uses Prohibited

Uses Permitted

  •  Bird sanctuary
  •  Botanical/zoological garden
  •  Building and structures ancillary to use permitted inopen spaces and parks subject to the total groundcoverage not exceeding 2%
  •  Camping grounds
  •  Children traffic parks
  •  Commercial use of transit nature like circus
  •  Film Studios/city, having minimum plot area of 10acres, with ground coverage not exceeding 10%
  •  Holiday resorts, having minimum plot area of 10acres, with ground coverage not exceeding 5%
  •  Local parks
  •  Open air cinemas/auditoria
  •  Outdoor sports stadiums
  •  Picnic huts with built up area not exceeding 2%
  •  Playgrounds
  •  Public & institutional libraries with total built up areanot exceeding 2% of total site
  •  Regional parks
  •  Restaurants as part of sports, recreational outdoorfacilities not exceeding 5% ground coverage
  •  Shooting range
  •  Specialised parks/ maidans for multi-use
  •  Sports training centres
  •  Swimming pools with built up areas not exceeding 2% of total area

USES Prohibited


  • Any building or structure which is not required for open air recreation
  •  Dwelling units except for watch and ward