The various uses permitted and prohibited in Conservation Zone are as mentioned in the following table.

Uses Permitted (I)Uses Prohibited (II)
* Agriculture 
* Agro based cottage industries without use ofpower 
* Brick tiles and pottery manufacture intemporary buildings only 
* Dwellings and ancillary buildings for the people engaged in the farm (rural settlement) subject to a maximum ground coverage of 1% with minimum land extent of one hectare 
* Electric power plant 
* Golf clubs and links 
* Horticulture, floriculture , forestry 
* Milk chilling stations and pasteurization plants 
* Mining 
* Petrol and other fuel filling stations 
* Poultry and dairy farm 
* Public utilities
* Residential use except those ancillary uses permitted in agricultural use zone subject to 1% ground coverage
* All other uses not mentioned in Col.I
*  Quarrying / mining subject to APPCB Clearance 
* Sewage disposal works and public utility facilities 
* Storage and drying of fertilizer 
* Storage, processing and sale of farm produce 
* Transport and communication facilities 
* Village settlement expansion 
* Warehouses / Godowns.